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The IEEE GDC was created to help spread knowledge of the tools and techniques of game development through a hands-on project-based approach.  While technical content on game/game engine creation is not an emphasized topic in most courses within the applied science curriculum, there still is an interest in students to apply knowledge gained from coursework to game development. In addition the best way to learn about game development is to actually attempt to make games, hence the role of the IEEE GDC is to give students the opportunity to learn how games work through doing just that.


Software Tools

C++ will be used as our programming language, hence the main software tools used are Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 or higher, and also the Irrlicht 3D graphics library. No previous experience with either Visual Studio or Irrlicht is necessary.



Members will perform guided work through live coding sessions on small projects that will gradually increase in complexity.  We start with the fundamentals, providing all the information you need to get started with game development in C++; however some programming experience is expected. We will also walk through the process of developing at least 2 different games with our system and discuss ways to improve it.