2019 Government


Dean Fernandes


The Chair is responsible for leading the organization. The Chair shall preside over all meetings, and provide the executive with direction and guidance. The Chair holds signing authority. The Chair also holds the following responsibilities:

  1. Prepare an annual report outlining goals to be accomplished over the academic year

  2. Appoint members to any vacancies as required 

  3. Act as liaison between SFU, its departments, and IEEE SFU

  4. Ensure the completion of goals outlined in the Annual Report 

  5. Co-sign all cheques drawn on IEEE SFU accounts

  6. Liaise with the Treasurer in order to achieve fundraising targets

  7. Preside as the Presiding Officer at all meetings of the branch 

  8. Hold regular branch executive meetings


Yue Ling


The Vice chair is responsible to help the chair when necessary. Duties shall include:

     1. Chair the Program and Membership Committees 

     2. Organize field trips or special events beyond regular program efforts

     3. Arrange for refreshments at Branch meetings            

      4. Assist the Chair in following up on assigned committee responsibilities         

      5. Perform all functions of the Chair in the latter's absence or upon request


Srishti Yadav


The Treasurer shall be responsible for all financial affairs as authorised by the Chair. Duties shall include:

  1. Weekly report of accounts presented to the Chair

  2. Monthly report of accounts presented to the Executive

  3. Annual report outlining balance of accounts presented to all members    

  4. Collection of all receipts pertaining to all transactions conducted by the branch

  5. Be the co-signer of all cheques drafted on SFU IEEE accounts

  6. In conjunction with the Vice-Chair, maintain inventory on all property.

  7. Collect money as required by the club.

  8. Organise all fundraising activities with the assistance of the Vice Chair.      


Yagnik Vadher


The Secretary shall keep a record of all activities of the Executive and report their findings to the IEEE headquarters. Duties shall include:

  1. Be responsible for all branch correspondence.

  2. Post a calendar of events.

  3. The taking of detailed minutes during every executive meeting

  4. Submit the Newly Elected Officer form to IEEE HQ for each elected Executive

  5. Maintain the calendar of events

  6. Maintain the SFU IEEE website

  7. Maintain all SFU IEEE social media outlets

  8. Acquire printed stationery and material as required    

  9. Assist the Chair when required

  10. Monitor all interactions between SFU IEEE and outside organisations, including but not limited to, SFSS, BCIT IEEE, UBC IEEE and other external organisations.


Craig Scratchley



  1. Ensure directives from IEEE headquarters are transmitted to the student officers.

  2. Attend Executive Committee meetings and assist Branch Committees.

  3. Participate in the Regional Activities Committee meetings.

  4. Consult with the section SAC Chair, regional SAC Chair or Region Director about branch activities or problems.

  5. Promote online student application and renewal.

  6. Foster good relations with the local section and encourage students to establish regular liaison with the section SAC Chair.

  7. Promote student awareness of awards, contests and benefits of membership.

  8. Establish industrial contacts for branch programs and activities.

  9. Interest other faculty members in the activities of the Branch.


ljiljana trajkovic


  1. Meet with Student Branch members regularly.

  2. Participate in all Section Executive Committee meetings.

  3. Assist the Student Branch in developing effective programs.

  4. Provide a dependable bridge between the Student Branch and local Section.

  5. Work closely with the Student Branch Counselor and the Section SAC Chair.

Media Coordinator


undergraduate representative

external relations



Pooya Taheri                 










  1. Must attend all executive meetings

  2. Must be responsible for promoting student branch to their student members

  3. Must report to student branch officers

  4. The core members of each committee must be IEEE members

  5. Must adhere to IEEE SFU Student Branch Constitution

  6. All transactions must be carried out via the centralized IEEE SFU Student Branch bank account

  7. Must keep a detailed record of activities and transactions for submission to the SFU IEEE Treasurer

Our Committees so far:

  1. Game Development 

  2. Embedded Systems 

  3. Vex Robotics (Gordon Ho)

  4. Team Development

  5. Scholarships & Awards Committee

  6. Industrial Relation Committee

  7. Public Relations Committee

  8. Finance Committee



  1. Coordinate with other SFU entities

  2. Report to Student Branch Officers

  3. Attend executive meetings

  4. Must adhere to IEEE SFU Student Branch Constitution

  5. Must be responsible for promoting student branch to their student members

Our Reps so far:

  1. CSSS Rep

  2. ESSS Rep

  3. WEG

  4. Graduate Students Rep

  5. Surrey Campus Rep



  1. Report to Student Branch Officers

  2. Attend executive meetings

  3. Must adhere to IEEE SFU Student Branch Constitution

  4. provide professional guidance to student branch executives

Our Advisors so far:

  1. Financial Advisor(s)

  2. Technical Advisor(s)

  3. Academic & constitutional  Advisor(s)

  4. Industrial Relation Advisor(s)

Member At Large


  1. Report to Student Branch Officers

  2. Attend executive meetings

  3. Must adhere to IEEE SFU Student Branch Constitution

Our MALs so far: